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The Why Behind Value

We determine the value of a business and then design a map to reduce risk and increase that value. Our unique process aims to optimize business value. Learn More

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What is unique?

The value of an enterprise varies directly with its free cash flow, directly with its expected growth in that free cash flow, and inversely with its risk. To gauge value, we use two valuation approaches: discounted cash flow and the market approach. Deployed properly, results under these two approaches will fall within 10% of one another.

We identify cause-and-effect relationships during on-site interviews with key managers and employees. We then benchmark your company against similar companies. The goal is to identify potential sources of risk reduction because that is the fastest and least-expensive way to increase the value of an enterprise.

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We look at value differently


  • Explain why the value of a company is what it is.

  • Identify ways for business owners to decrease risk and increase value.

  • Design a unique, firm-specific value map to guide the owner(s) of a particular business through the value-enhancement process.


Our numbers:



We deliver high-value reports derived from our experience in more than 500 valuation and advisory engagements.




Our founder is one of only 44 professionals in the United States who holds the Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Accredited Senior Appraiser (in business valuation) designations.




Our 25-plus years of developing doable and affordable ways to reduce risk rsult in greater cash flow and enhanced value of your business.